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The world must "not take the foot off the gas", doctors warn.

'Keep focus' on fighting malaria in Africa, doctors say 
Their detailed analysis of the disease, published in the Lancet, shows 184 million people still live in areas where more than half of children show signs of malarial infection.

Proven Success Earns NetsforLife® Key Spot at Roundtable Discussion in Kenya

Shaun WalshShaun WalshToday I am in Nairobi, where Episcopal Relief & Development and NetsforLife® are co-sponsoring GBCHealth’s Business Engagement Roundtable on Malaria in Kenya. This is an opportunity to communicate the critical role that the business sector has in addressing the challenges and future demands of malaria in Africa.

Malaria prevention in Africa

Frequently Asked Questions Focus - Which Millennium Development Goals is NetsforLife® addressing?

In keeping with the goal of holistic development programming, NetsforLife®  addresses several MDGs.

MDG #4 – Reduction in Child Mortality, MDG #5 – Maternal Health,MDG # 6 - Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria, and other diseases, and MDG #8 – Developing Global Partnerships for Development.

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Fighting Malaria in Africa

There are an estimated 207 million cases of malaria each year, resulting in nearly 627,000 deaths. The majority of these deaths are children younger than five years old. Join us in the fight against malaria in Africa. Give today.


NetsforLife® is a partnership of corporations, foundations, nongovernmental groups, and faith-based organizations working to fight malaria in Africa.

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Every minute a child dies from Malaria

NetsforLife® empowers communities to fight malaria by raising awareness on malaria, providing life-saving training, and distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets to people in Africa.

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Instilling a Net Culture

A net culture is in place when people understand the protective value of nets, know how to prevent malaria, and understand when to seek effective medical treatment. The result: less sickness, fewer deaths and stronger communities.

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From Sickness to Strength

Empowered communities and behavior change will be the enduring imprint of NetsforLife®. Join us in the fight against malaria. 

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Fighting Malaria in Africa

Malaria, a preventable disease, kills nearly 627,000 people every year - most of them children under five in Africa. NetsforLife® is working to change that.

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Saving Lives with Nets and Education

Capacity building and follow up, to ensure malaria prevention knowledge is sustained, are built into the NetsforLife® model. 

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NetsforLife® is a trusted partnership working to fight malaria in Africa. LEARN MORE